Triple Jump

Triple Jump aims to provide financial services for microfinance institutions in all phases of their development. Triple Jump Fund Management, a leading microfinance fund manager, provides funding solutions, while Triple Jump Advisory Services, an independent foundation, provides consulting services and technical assistance. Triple Jump manages several funds with different characteristics for all stages of MFI development.

Investment criteria:

  • – Business plan
  • – External audited financial statements
  • – Legal status to borrow from abroad
  • – Income generating enterprise
  • – Economically viable enterprise
  • – Direct and indirect beneficiary information
  • – Investment size USD 150.000 to USD 5 million

Loan characteristics:

  • – Oxfam Novib Fund from $150 000 up to $1 000 000
  • – NOTS Fund from $300 000 up to $3 000 000
  • – ASN-Novib Fund from $500 000 up to $5 000 000
  • – SNS Institutional Microfinance Fund from $500 000 up to $5 000 000
  • – Calvert Social Investment Fund from $250 000 up to $2 000 000

Contacts: Nachtwachtlaan 20, 6th floor, 1058 EA Аmsterdam, Netherlands, Michael van den Berg, Теl: +31 20 5120620, Fax: +31 20 5120629, Email:, Web site:

Triodos Investment Management BV

Triodos Investment Management BV is part of the Triodos Bank Group, a fully licensed independent bank with branch offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. The bank is a pioneering force in the world of sustainable banking: in 2009 Triodos was elected Most Sustainable Bank of the World by the Financial Times.

Since 1994 Triodos Bank has contributed its unique expertise in sustainable banking to the microfinance sector in developing countries and countries in transition. Triodos Investment Management BV manages four microfinance funds: Triodos-Doen Fund, Hivos-Triodos Fund, Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund. The funds offer (syndicated) loans and equity to microfinance institutions.

Investment criteria:

  • – MFI’s social mission should be combined with a focus on financial sustainability,
  • – Clear business plan should be provided,
  • – Audited financial statements over the last three years,
  • – Financial projections for the coming three years should be submitted

Loan characteristics:

  • – Currency of loan: Euro, US dollars and local currency
  • – Maturity from 1 to 8 years
  • – Interest market rate
  • – Volume from 200 000 to 5 mil. Euro

Contucts: 60, Utrechtseweg, PO Box 55, NL-3700 AB Zeist, Netherlands, Rien Hazeleger, Tel: +31 30 6942775, Fax: +31 30 6936 566, Email: , ,

ResponsAbility Social Investments AG

ResponsAbility Social Investments AG (“responsAbility”), established in 2003, is a worldwide leading provider of social investments. With its investment products, responsAbility enables people in developing countries and emerging markets to access markets, information, and other vital services allowing them to grow in sectors, such as microfinance, SME financing, fair trade, and independent media. Private and institutional investors can thus contribute to positive social developments in a professional manner, while at the same time achieving a financial return.

Investment criteria:

 – Balance sheet total of at least USD 1 million

 – 3 year business track record

 – Audited financial statements

 – Business plan

 – Legal status allowing for international financing transactions

 – Minimum loan amount USD 200,000

 – Quarterly financial reporting, semi annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement, audited annual financial statements

 – Profitable, good quality loan portfolio

Loan characteristics:

  • – Currency of loan: Euro and US dollars
  • – Maturity up to 3-5 years
  • – Interest rate negotiable
  • – Volume up to 20% of all assets

Contucts: Josefstrasse 59, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland, Christian Speckhardt, Tel: +41 44 250 99 44, Email:


PlaNIS is the entity within PlaNet Finance that is specialised in advising socially responsible funds on their investments in microfinance. PlaNIS identifies MFIs worldwide and assesses their needs for financing.


Investment criteria:

  • – Have been operating since at least 12 months in microfinance area ,
  • – Have a portfolio of between 0.5 million USD and 1.5 million USD,
  • – Have external audited reports, especially for the MFIs who was founded several years ago
  • – Amount of PAR>30days + WriteOff + Rescheduled loans cannot be over 10% of total portfolio,
  • – Operational self-sufficiency ratio be no less than 100% ,
  • – Debt / Equity ratio < 6%

Loan characteristics:

  • – Currency of loan: Euro and US dollars
  • – Maturity up to 2-4 years
  • – Interest rate 2-11,5% annual
  • – Volume from $3 000 to $7 000 000

Contucts: 13 rue Dieumegard, 93400 Saint Ouen, FRANCE, Mr. Sebastien Duquet, Tel: 00 33 (0) 1 49 21 26 19, 00 33 (0) 1 49 21 26 27, Email: ,

Oikocredit, Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society, U.A.

Oikocredit is one of the largest financiers of the microfinance sector worldwide. It is one of the few ethical investment opportunities, which finances development projects benefiting disadvantaged and marginalized people.

Investment criteria:

 – Clear social mission,

 – Transparent governance,

 – Competent management,

 – Adequate systems,

 – Good performance indicators and other criteria.

Loan characteristics* we provide:

 – Amount of loan from $50000 up to $5 000 000 or Euro

  •  – Maximum term of loan 8 years

Contucts: Berkenweg 7, 3818 LA Amersfoort, Netherland, Tel: +31 33 422 4040, Fax: +31 33 465 0336, Email: , Web:

MicroCredit Enterprises

MicroCredit Enterprises (MCE) is a California-based non-profit that provides debt funding to pioneering microfinance institutions. MCE uses an innovative guarantor-based model to deploy privately guaranteed funds to MFIs that focus on women and the rural poor. Priority is given to MFIs that are engaged in nonfinancial services, including health and education services.

Investment criteria:

– Minimum gross loan portfolio of $1mil.

  • – Minimum of 5,000 clients

Loan characteristics:

– Currency of loan: US dollars and local currency

  • – Maturity 3-4 years
  • – Fixed interest rate
  • – Volume from $300 000 to $1 500 000

Contucts: Ayesha Wagle, Теl: +1 415 230 4330 x 101, Email:

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, creates opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives. We foster sustainable economic growth in developing countries by supporting private sector development, mobilizing private capital, and providing advisory and risk mitigation services to businesses and governments.

Our new investments totalled $14.5 billion in fiscal 2009, helping channel capital into developing countries during the financial crisis. For more information, visit

Investment criteria:

– Willingness to transform,

  • – Willingness to contribute fees for advisory services,
  • – Currently a client for IFC investments or the potential to become one.

Loan characteristics:

– To assist and support microfinance institutions based in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan in their transformation processes from being traditionally credit based to being able to provide their customers with a broader range of financial services. Normally these services would include the acceptance of deposits and could also require the profiling of institutions before they are able to obtain a full banking license.

  • – To introduce new financial products such as microsavings, microinsurance, microleasing, mobile banking, currency transfer by microfinance institutions.
  • To improve the regulatory framework for the microfinance sector that will help to provide a range of financial services and increase access to finance for micro entrepreneurs across the region.
  • To increase awareness about the microfinance sector in Azerbaijan and Central Asia among local and international communities, convince policy makers of the benefits by highlighting the development impact and social performance and promote new financial products.

Contucts: 41 A Kazybek bi, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050010, Cholpon Kokumova, Tel: +7727 2980 580, Fax: + 7 727 2980 581, Email: ,

Incofin Investment Management

As a specialized microfinance fund management company, Incofin Investment Management invests in microfinance institutions that help people to grow their business and thus get a chance to improve their living conditions. Incofin Investment Management manages different funds, each having its own characteristics.

Incofin Investment Management provides made-to-measure financial solutions (loans, equity, guarantees) that meet the specific objectives of the client. Clear procedures, rapid decisions, professional management and customer orientation make Incofin Investment Management the perfect partner.

Investment criteria:

– Microfinance is primary business,

  • – Profitability: positive OSS or nearing OSS,
  • – Portfolio size: above USD 1,500,000,
  • – Portfolio quality: PAR30 below 10%,
  • – Externally audited accounts,
  • – Preferably rated.

Loan characteristics:

- Maturity from 1 to 10 years

- Interest rate market rate

- Volume from $500 000 to $5 000 000

Contucts: Sneeuwbeslaan 20, B-2610 Antwerp, Belgium, Mr. Peter Bereschka, Tel.: +32 3 829 25 68, Email: ,


Micro credit company “Frontiers” is a whole sale company which provides loan proceeds to all kinds of microfinance organizations including small, located in rural and remote areas, as well as, bigger financial organizations in Central Asia.

Investment criteria:

  • – Have at the legal documents in place to conduct lending operations
  • – Have lending experience of 6 month. Exception can be made on a case-by-case basis
  • – The total capital of the company should make up no less than KGS 1 million
  • – Have a 3-year business plan with clear description of future development of the company and detailed description of the purpose for the proceeds from Frontiers
  • – Have Portfolio at Risk over 30 days less than 5%
  • – Have a adequate office and reliable means of communication
  • – Shall be prepared to provide adequate collateral sufficient to ensure complete liability against the loan
  • – By the end of the third year of cooperation with Frontiers, overdue loans should be less than 3% of active portfolio. Amount of restructured and rescheduled loans should be less than 2% of active portfolio

Loan characteristics:

  • – Loan amount from KGS 500 000 up to KGS 42 000 000
  • – Term up to 3 year (up to 2 year for new clients)
  • – Collateral movable (for example, loan portfolio), immovable property, guarantee
  • – Interest rate from 18% per annum
  • – Interest rate on loans indexed to USD 15% per annum
  • – Loan allocation fee 1% from loan amount
  • – Repayment schedule cash flow based
  • – Processing time up to 20 business days for the first time clients and up to 10 business days for repeat clients

Contucts: 201 Abdrahmanova Str., 720011, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, Tel: +996 (312) 30 4511, Fax: +996 (312) 30 4503, Email:, Web:


Kiva is a first company in the world, wich provides loans from people to people through web site, by attracting people to lend the unique enterpreneurs around the world.

Investment criteria:

    – Serve at least 1,000 active borrowers with microfinance services

- Have a history (at least 2-3 years) of lending to poor, excluded, and/or vulnerable people for the purpose of alleviating poverty or reducing vulnerability

- Be registered as a legal entity in its country of operation

- Have at least 1 year of financial audits

- We also prefer an MFI have a profile on the MIX Market (

Loan characteristics:

 – The loan is provided to MFOs on 0% rate, exchange to info of clients should be published at the web site

– The loan is provided maximum for one year term

Contucts: 3180 18th Street Ste 201, San Fransisco, California 94110, USA, Теl: +206 408 7373; E-mail: ,